Macro Scheduler 15


Macro>file_name [/variable=value|variable [/variable=value|variable] ... ]


Executes another script file.  file_name must be a filename of a macro file.  It is advisable to specify the full path should the path of the script file differ from the current path or change during the execution of the calling macro.


By default the extension of macro files is .scp, so for macros that are listed in Macro Scheduler add .scp to the macroname and prefix with the correct path.  The path of a macro listed in Macro Scheduler is defined under Group Properties for the group the macro is listed in.


To pass values to the macro specify each one after a / character.  The variable name given should exist in the script to be run.  The value to assign to that variable is specified after the = character.


Data can be returned to the calling macro by setting the MACRO_RESULT variable in the called script.  After the script has been run MACRO_RESULT is available to the calling script.


If the calling macro has a log file the script being called with the Macro command will log to the same log file.  You can override this using the /LOGFILE parameter to set a log file for the sub macro.


Abbreviation : Mac




Macro>Defragment Disk.scp


Macro>%SCRIPT_DIR%\MyMoveFile.scp /source=c:\temp\myfile.bat /destination=c:\temp\myfile.bak