Macro Scheduler 15




Displays a dialog box to request information from the user.  The dialog box displays the prompt specified in prompt and accepts input into variable.  Optionally, a default value can be specified.


The Input box now also has a file browse button, making it useful for accepting filenames from the user.  The file browse button can be hidden by setting INPUT_BROWSE to 0 (Let>INPUT_BROWSE=0).  Set INPUT_BROWSE to 2 to display a folder browse dialog for locating folders instead of files.


By default the file browse box will show all files. To change this set INPUT_BROWSE_FILTER as in this example:


Let>INPUT_BROWSE_FILTER=Text files (*.txt)|*.TXT


For multiple file types separate with a vertical bar. E.g.:


Let>INPUT_BROWSE_FILTER=Text files (*.txt)|*.TXT|Rich Text Files (*.RTF)|*.RTF


If the Input dialog is canceled (cancel is pressed) Input returns an empty string.


prompt can be a variable, containing the prompt to display.


It is possible to mask the value entered by the user with asterisks by setting the INPUT_PASSWORD variable to 1.  Set to zero for default behaviour.


It is possible to set a timeout by setting the value of INPUT_TIMEOUT before issuing the Input command.  INPUT_TIMEOUT takes a number of milliseconds.  If the Input box is still active after the timeout has elapsed it will be closed and the result set to an empty string.



Abbreviation : Inp

See also: Ask, Message, MessageModal




Input>name,Please enter your name ...