Macro Scheduler 15




Enables or disables Macro Scheduler's IE download manager.


Enabled: 1 to enable, 0 to disable


Path: the folder where files should be downloaded to


Internet Explorer's default file download manager is difficult to automate as it requires user interaction. This function can be used to tell IE to automatically download files to the specified path without requiring user confirmation. This makes it much easier to script file downloads.


WebRecorder will automatically start all scripts with IE_OnDownload enabling Macro Scheduler's download manager.


When WebRecorder detects a file download it will also output the filename and size to script variables and insert an IEWaitFileDownload call so that when played back the script will wait until the file download is complete before continuing.


Note that sometimes the filename that is returned may need renaming for the file to function or may not be what you want. This is particularly the case where a download script redirects to the actual download. You can simply use a RenameFile command after the IEWaitFileDownload call to rename the file to whatever you want it to be.


IE's Protected Mode must be disabled to allow the WebRecorder download manager to operate (IE Settings -> Security)


See also: IE Functions




IEOnDownload>1,C:\Documents and Settings\Marcus\My Documents,ie_res



Let>downloaded_filename=C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\somefile.exe