Macro Scheduler 15




Submits a form. Usually this is done by clicking a Submit button or a link and therefore this function will not always be necessary as you'd probably use an IE_ClickTag instead. However, sometimes forms may be submitted in a different way, such as when the Enter key is pressed in the last field of the form. IE_FormSubmit can be used. Another way to do this is just to set the event parameter of IEFormFill to submit.


IE_Reference: The identifier of the web browser instance to use. IE_Reference must be an identifier value returned by IECreate, IEGetFromURL or IEWaitNew.


Frame: the name of the frame containing the form field object


Form: the name of the form (can be blank if the form has no name). Can also be set to "ACTION:action_script" where action_script is the action of the form (e.g. search.htm).


See also: IE Functions