Macro Scheduler 15




Fills a form field.


IE_Reference: The identifier of the web browser instance to use. IE_Reference must be an identifier value returned by IECreate, IEGetFromURL or IEWaitNew.


Frame: the name of the frame containing the form field object


Form: the name of the form (can be blank if the form has no name). Can also be set to "ACTION:action_script" where action_script is the action of the form (e.g. search.htm).


Fieldname: the name of the field to fill. If the field has no name but has an ID attribute, the ID attributed can be specified instead. Alternatively you can specify the className of an element by issuing CLASSNAME:class where class is the className of the field.


Value: the value to set the field value to.


Event: optional parameter that can take one of the following values:

submit: forces the form to submit.
onchange: triggers the field's onchange handler if it has one.


If the field is a SELECT object it is possible to select an item based on it's index, rather than actual value, by specifying fieldvalue as:

#INDEX#:n where n is the zero based index of the item. To select all items in a multi-select SELECT object use #INDEX#:ALL


Returns the number of fields that matched the specified values if successful, 0 if unsuccessful.


See also: IE Functions