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GetWindowText retrieves all the detectable text contained within the specified window.  Specify the window using the exact window title.  The text is retrieved as a list with each object's text on a new line.


If the WIN_USEHANDLE variable is set to 1 window_title must be a window handle.


GetWindowText retrieves the published text property of the specified window/object.  Not all text that you see on the screen is retrievable in this way.  Some text is painted via lower level routines and some text is graphical.  Some objects, such as labels, are not windowed controls, and therefore text associated with them cannot be retrieved with GetWindowText.   Try the new GetTextAtPoint, GetTextInRect and GetWindowTextEx commands which use lower level hooks to trap more text.


A Regular Expression can be used in window_title if WIN_REGEX is set to 1.


Abbreviation : GWT

See also: GetWindowTextEx




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