Macro Scheduler 15




GetFileList returns a list of the files found matching the specified filespec.  For instance, to return the list of files in the temp directory specify c:\temp\*.* as the filespec.


If delimiter is ommitted each filename is separated by a semicolon (;).  Otherwise the filenames are separated by the delimiter specified.


By default GetFileList returns files.  To return directories only set GFL_TYPE to 1 (Let>GFL_TYPE=1).


For finer control of what kind of files get returned use GFL_ATTRIBS by setting it to one or more of the following values:


ReadOnly = 1

Hidden = 2

SysFile = 4

Directory = 16

Archive = 32

Normal = 128

SymLink = 1024

Compressed = 2048

Encrypted = 16384

Virtual = 65536

AnyFile = 511 (Default - same as without using GFL_ATTRIBS)


For multiple options add values together.  E.g. to retrieve only hidden and readonly files specify a value of 3.  For just read only files specify 1.


To change the sort order set the GFL_SORTTYPE variable to one of the following values


0 = No sorting (default) - returned as reported by Windows.

1 = Date ascending

2 = Date descending

3 = Name ascending

4 = Name descending

5 = Size ascending

6 = Size descending


Abbreviation : GFL






MessageModal>Num Files: %file_names_count%