Macro Scheduler 15




Returns in result the number of items in a simple one dimensional array.


Suffixformat is used to specify the format used for the array suffix as array variables in Macro Scheduler can take any format so desired.  If  omitted suffixformat is set to "_n" where n is the numeric placeholder.  This would match an array with the format array_1, array_2, etc.  An array format that looks like array[1], array[2] ... array[n] has the suffix format "[n]" (without the quotes)


ArrayCount works with numeric array indexes only.  Only arrays starting at index 0 or 1 will be recognised.  ArrayCount assumes that the array index advances by 1 for each element.  If there are any gaps ArrayCount will stop at the last element before the gap.


See also: ArrayCopy, ArrayRename, ArraySort, ArrayDim, ArrayFind, DelArray, Arrays

Abbreviation: ARC