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Automation Workflow Designer

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MacroScript Workflow Designer lets you depict conditional logic and actions in a graphical representation. Simply draw a flowchart depicting the business process and attach MacroScript (Macro Scheduler) code to actions and decisions.

  • Regular MacroScript (Macro Scheduler Code) can be inserted into process steps, or simply run existing Macro Scheduler scripts or other executables.
  • Easily move code blocks around, change process flow, insert steps and decisions, and create loops, just by drag-and-drop.
  • Easily model business processes and add the code later.
  • Once code has been inserted just click Run to run the process, or Step through block by block. Visual representation of progress during run.
  • Easily manage and organise multiple existing Macro Scheduler scripts and link them together.
  • Run Workflows from Macro Scheduler, other applications or other task schedulers.
  • New with v2.1: Export Workflows to Macro Scheduler script files.

Build Actions and Decisions

workflow-designer-action workflow-designer-condition
Insert code, or run existing macros. Use the Macro Scheduler editor to build actions and conditions (Macro Scheduler Required).

Watch a short video demo. This demo shows a really simple looping process.

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