Windows scripting engine - automate computer processes with Macro Scheduler.

With Macro Scheduler, you can use Windows scripts to automate almost any task on your computer. Whether you need to speed up certain processes on your email client, perform SQL automation or just simplify a few things on your home computer, Macro Scheduler is the ideal tool. The intuitive and powerful Macro Scheduler Windows Scripting language, MacroScript, was designed specifically for Windows applications, and it offers a professional code editor and a macro recorder that builds proper, editable code. You can record macros and create Windows scripts with over 200 powerful script commands. Macro Scheduler also includes a very simple Record and Playback feature, and it is easy to convert everything to human readable scripts to ensure quick and simple editing.

So what are the advantages of using this Windows scripting engine? Most users would probably point to the fact that it saves them an enormous amount of time. It has been mentioned that Windows scripts can be as useful to a business as having a tireless employee who never forgets anything and doesn't need to be paid! It is certainly true that this Windows scripting tool can be highly useful throughout the working day. With Macro Scheduler, you can send and receive emails, launch applications, write repetitive text, and, using a backup utility, automatically create daily or weekly backups. In fact, you can even use a Windows script to wake you up in the morning! As you can see, there's an almost unlimited number of uses for this Windows scripting tool and that's before you even start to consider the benefits to your hands and wrists when you can use single clicks to perform complicated tasks.

Macro Scheduler was originally launched in 1997, and has been providing users with simple yet powerful Windows automation scripts ever since. It is the only fully integrated automation tool on the market, as it combines a scheduler, macro recorder, keyboard shortcut tool, intuitive scripting language and Microsoft VBScript into one simple interface. This Windows scripting engine is used by home users and businesses who appreciate the simple fact that it saves them time and money. It is easy to use, extremely powerful, small and demands very few resources.


Let me first say that I think this is one of the greatest windows macro programs I've ever used and I thank you for all the time and effort you've spent making this the program that it is.
Ron Mundekis, AFGE Local