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Find out how our windows automation software has helped customers in real-world situations and the difference MJT Net's solutions have made to their businesses.

Success Stories & Case Studies

User Contributed Usage Scenarios

Our tools benefit from a large and helpful user community. One long running thread in our forums is all about what people use Macro Scheduler for and how it helps them.

"What do People Use Macro Scheduler For" is an article summarising some of the entries in the forum thread which you can read here.

Find out how other customers are using the software and how it benefits them. You can even join in and post your own story.


I'm a small business owner (A one man operation) selling software titles I create with Macro Scheduler Pro. And I use Macro Scheduler for filling orders. Not only is Macro Scheduler answering sales emails but it is uploading information about the sales to my server, activates each product a customer purchased and sends an email to the customer with the registration information they need to register the product. Finally, it sends a confirmation email of each fulfilled order to my business email account for my own personal records. Manually this took me 3-5 minutes per order. With Macro Scheduler, 4-5 seconds each. I can now go to lunch or go to bed for the night without having to worry about customers having to wait for me to get back behind the keyboard before they will receive their product activation codes. I now have a full time employee that works 24/7 for free! Thank you MJTNet for offering this great product and great technical support.
S. Becker
I am so satisfied with this software. It's value can't be overemphasized. It has helped me automate so many things - even with our old fashioned emulator (Meditech).
Christopher Cruz, Good Samaritan Hospital


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