Macro Scheduler—Automation Software

“Advanced, Easy to Use, Windows Software Automation Tool”

What can Macro Scheduler do?

    The question should really be "What CAN'T it do?" for the possibilities are endless. Macro Scheduler is designed to automate ANY software process. Some examples of what people use this automation tool for are listed below.

Automation Software Solutions

    These are just a few things that Macro Scheduler can help with but with its comprehensive scripting language only your imagination is the limit. Using Macro Scheduler's WYSIWYG dialog designer some people have even written full-featured Windows Applications!


Macro Scheduler is the best invention I've ever seen within my (15 year) IT career. Beside VMware ;-).
" Robert Hohmann, Network Engineer / CCNA
I have been experimenting with your software. I freak'n LOVE this macro program. It has so many possibilities! I'm pretty new to this software (maybe a week since I found you) and I have used other macro programs. They all seem to be missing something. Mostly if you wanted to do something (like press a button) you had to record the action.(and you know how unreliable that is!) But with your software..... WOW!!!!! And it works every last time! My last macro program (though it was the best I could find at the time) would allow you to right click, but didn't have any way of left clicking!!! You made this software very well. It's simple, but it has the umph when you need it. You can rely on the macro you write to work the same way every time. AWESOME!!!!
Brian A.K.A PepsiHog


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