QuickButtons - Simplify keystrokes into single mouse clicks

QuickButtons allows you to create an "AppBar" with buttons that simulate keystrokes. An AppBar is like the Windows Task Bar - a bar that sits at the bottom or top of your screen. A QuickButtons Button Bar will sit happily above the Windows Task bar and will stay visible at all times so that you can work with your favourite applications and click on QuickButtons buttons whenever you need to. QuickButtons simplifies keystrokes on Tablet PCs or where a keyboard is not readily available; and can be used to improve productivity for those who find using the keyboard difficult.

QuickButtons Reduces Keystrokes to Single Mouse Clicks

By assigning tricky keystrokes to large buttons complicated key sequences can be reduced to a single click. Buttons can be made any size you like. Make them large to increase the target area, reducing the chance for error; or create button bars with lots of smaller buttons. The choice is yours.

QuickButtons Reduces Keystrokes to Single Mouse Clicks QuickButtons was originally written for Mark Weidmann, an MD sufferer, to try and make the use of his computer easier and it is hoped that QuickButtons will benefit others who find using keyboard shortcuts difficult or prefer to use the mouse. Some applications and games have awkward keystrokes that make using those applications difficult for those with mobility problems. QuickButtons lets you replace those keyboard sequences with simple buttons that are always available on the screen.

Multiple Button Bars can be created and more than one can be active at one time. This means you can have Button Bars for different applications, or groups of applications. For instance you could create a Microsoft Office Button Bar, one for your favourite game and another for your email program. Button Bars can be set to autohide, just like the Windows Task Bar, so that screen real-estate is not wasted.

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QuickButtons 1.6

  • Reduce Tricky Keystrokes to a Single Mouse Click
  • Make Large Easy to Click Buttons!
  • Assign Buttons to Apps and Macros!
  • Regain Control of Your PC!
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Get QuickButtons

QuickButtons comes in two editions - Free and Registered. The Free version has the ability to run applications and execute files disabled; and limits keystroke scripts to 10 lines.

Limitations are lifted in the registered version. Registered users get free technical support and lifetime updates.

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