Purchase Order Information

Ordering online is easy and fast. We can also take payment over the phone.

But if you need to send a purchase order we are happy to accept one from most organisations and government bodies. There are just a few ground rules:

  • We can accept orders in GBP or USD only.
  • Purchase orders and other complicated orders (e.g. completing vendor information forms) are subject to a 10% administration charge.
  • Payment terms are net 30. Late payment fees apply.
  • All purchase orders must contain contact information for a person at your organization. This contact information must include that person's name, phone number, and email address.
  • Please provide a copy of your official purchase order document showing your official purchase order number. We cannot accept purchase order numbers over the phone.

We must receive an actual copy of your purchase order before we can ship your product. You can either fax, mail or email (as a pdf) the purchase order to:

Fax UK: +44 709 214 3231
Fax USA: +1 347 402 4823
MJT Net Ltd
Unit 10 Town Farm Workshops
Dean Lane
Sixpenny Handley

If you need a W8-BEN form you can download a PDF version here. We provide the form undated, this is valid according to IRS regulations ("If a Form W-8 is valid except that the person providing the form has not dated the form, the withholding agent may date the form from the day it is received and measure the validity period from that date.")

If you want electronic delivery of our software, your purchase order must indicate the email address the software is to be sent to and the fact that you are requesting electronic delivery (so your accounting department doesn't hold up payment waiting for delivery of a product you already have). Note that notice of bug fixes and all updates is by email ONLY. An email address is required to log in and download updates.

Or avoid delay and purchase online with a credit card or PayPal and get your software TODAY.

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Thanks for the update email and your NEW features are GREAT!!! it's real pleasure doing business with you, because you treat customers like they should be treated in business. Too bad there are so few like you.
Dan Caligiuri

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Mitch Vincent, K Software
Dec 18, 2008


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