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These are some other recommended products that work well with Macro Scheduler.

TextPipe from DataMystic

TextPipe - industrial strength text conversion, transformation and extraction workbench

TextPipe, from our partners DataMystic, is a multi-award winning, industrial strength text conversion, transformation and extraction workbench.

TextPipe will save you time and frustration in fixing text data, regardless of the number of changes required, the size or number of files, and the complexity of the transformations.

TextPipe integrates well with Macro Scheduler via its COM interface and/or command line interface. If your automation routines need to process or import large amounts of data, TextPipe is the answer.

Macro Scheduler customers can get 25% off TextPipe Lite, Std or Pro. Log in to the registered user area to get a coupon code.

PhraseExpander from Nagarsoft

From only $49.95

Start macros simply by typing text with this amazing new software from Nagarsoft

PhraseExpander, text expander for Windows lets you set up meaningful and easy to remember keyboard shortcuts for frequently used texts and frequent actions, such as opening programs, writing emails, inserting boilerplate text in emails, and running Macro Scheduler macros.

The key to PhraseExpander is assigning new meaning to the text you type.

Once you have defined a set of abbreviations (shorts) for the operations you want to perform (e.g. insert a word or paragraph, launch an application, open a website, execute a MacroScheduler macro…), PhraseExpander monitors what you are typing and quietly suggests words, phrases and actions you may want to perform, as you type. This works in any application

For example, typing "note" [SHIFT] could open Notepad. Typing "myname" [SHIFT] could enter your name in any application, even one without built-in autotext! PhraseExpander can even run Macro Scheduler macros. So you could just type the name of a macro to have PhraseExpander start a Macro Scheduler macro.

PhraseExpander in action

PhraseExpander exclusive SmartComplete technology will make it easier to complete frequently typed word and phrases by suggesting phrase completion as you type, in any application. Built-in autocorrects will fix your spelling mistakes in any text editor. You can also create custom templates to fill in standardized documents.

We are pleased to offer Macro Scheduler customers 25% off the regular price of PhraseExpander.

PhraseExpander Standard is normally $49.95. If you own a Macro Scheduler license your price is only $37!

PhraseExpander Pro is normally $139.95. If you own a Macro Scheduler license your price is only $110!

To benefit from this special deal log into Registered Downloads to find the special order links. Or if you haven't already registered Macro Scheduler, buy a copy today and benefit from this special offer.


QuickButtons is designed for those that find using the keyboard cumbersome. QuickButtons lets you create AppBars with buttons that simulate awkward keystrokes. Complicated keystrokes can be reduced to a single mouse click. AppBars act like the Windows Task bar and line up along the top or bottom of the screen so remain visible at all times (or autohide) allowing you to work with your favourite applications. Buttons can also execute other applications and files. Click here to find out more.


ClipMagic is a Windows Clipboard Extender for storing images and text, either automatically or manually in a categorised format, with special features for recording URLs if the text is from an Internet site.

"Magical Manager - When the typical cut-and-paste job won't do, try ClipMagic, a virtual clipboard that organizes all your commonly used images and pieces of text"CNET Download.com, August 1999

See www.clipmagic.com for information on ClipMagic, our Windows Clipboard Manager

iMacros Scripting Edition for Macro Scheduler

The Macro Scheduler WebRecorder add-on simplifies building Macro Scheduler scripts which automate Internet Explorer actions. With WebRecorder you can automate navigation, clicking on links, filling in forms and extracting data. For more power you may want to look at iMacros from iOpus. iMacros offers additional functionality including Firefox support and more powerful data extraction with more ways to identify page elements.

iMacros Scripting Edition works well with Macro Scheduler by providing a COM interface which can be used within VBScript. See example here.

We are able to offer Macro Scheduler customers 25% off the price of iMacros. For a discount coupon log into the Registered Customer area.

If you're already an iMacros user and need the additional ability to automate Windows applications, you can get 25% off the price of Macro Scheduler by logging into the iMacros customer area.

Code Signing (Authenticode) Certificates

If you are using Macro Scheduler Pro to create executables which you are distributing to others you should consider "Code Signing" your creations with a Microsoft Authenticode Certificate. These prevent those "Unknown Publisher" warnings that may pop up if your EXEs are run from network and other untrusted locations. Signing your EXE files lets users know that they are using genuine software directly from the original author and that it has not been modified.

We've negotiated a fantastic 10% discount off K Software's already very competitive pricing on their COMODO certificates. The certficates supplied by K Software are the very same that we use to sign Macro Scheduler and the Macro Scheduler installers and all our other products. So you know you are in safe hands.

This discount is available only to licensed Macro Scheduler users. Log into the Registered Customer area to obtain your discount coupon.