Macro Scheduler 15


UIAPos>Window Title,Object Name,Result


Not supported in Macro Scheduler Lite.


Returns the positions and dimensions for objects matching Object Name for the given window.  If more than one match is found Result will be a list delimited by "|".  The format for each object is Xpos,Ypos,Width,Height.


Use UIAccessibleList, the Find Object Wizard or View System Windows Tool to identify accessible UI elements.


Window title can be a full case sensitive title or case insensitive substring if followed by the '*' character.  A handle can be specified if WIN_USEHANDLE is set to 1 or if WIN_REGEX is set to 1 a regular expression can be used.  See SetFocus for more info.


Abbreviation: UIP


See Also: UIClick, UIFocus, UIGetValue, UIAccessibleList, UISelect, UISetValue