Macro Scheduler 15




Not supported in Macro Scheduler Lite.


Displays a dialog created with a Dialog block.


If a result variable is provided in Result the dialog is shown modal.  Otherwise it is displayed non-modal.  For non-modal dialogs see GetDialogAction, ResetDialogAction and CloseDialog for determining which button was pressed and to close the dialog.


Result is set to the modal result value of the button that was pressed.  If the Dialog is closed without a button being pressed, e.g. the user pressed the close button, Result will be set to 2.  Modal Result 2 means the dialog was canceled.  Bear this in mind when assigning modal result values to other buttons.  It is advisable to use anything other than 2.  1 is commonly used for OK.


Note that during debug mode a modal dialog is not completely modal - other dialogs are not disabled as they would be when the script is run outside of the debugger.  If the dialog was shown fully modal it would not be possible to interact with the debugger.


See Dialog for details on creating dialogs and an example.