Macro Scheduler 15




Sets the text of the control specified by ClassName and Instance on the window specified by WindowTitle.


If WIN_USEHANDLE is set to 1 WindowTitle must be a window handle.


To determine class names of objects on windows use View System Windows.  A window may contain several objects of the same class name.  Instance is used to determine which instance of the class to use.

WindowTitle can end with an asterisk to indicate a substring match.  WF_TYPE, WIN_USEHANDLE and WIN_REGEX directives are also accepted.  See SetFocus for a more detailed explanation of how the asterisk, WF_TYPE, WIN_USEHANDLE and WIN_REGEX can be used to define how the window is located.


Abbreviation: SCT

See also: GetControlText




SetControlText>Notepad*,Edit,1,Hello World


This will set the Notepad edit window to the text "Hello World".