Macro Scheduler 15

New Group

Select this to create a new macro group.  The new group is created beneath the currently selected group.  Therefore, to make a new top level group, select 'All Macros' first.


On selecting this option the Group Properties dialog is displayed where the new group name and a macro path are selected.


A macro path is simply a folder on a drive or network drive which is used to store the physical files associated with macros that you place in the associated group.  By default the main Macro Scheduler directory is used.


Linked Groups


It is possible to create "Linked Groups".  Linked Groups are designed for collaboration and sharing of macros across a network.


To create a linked group check the "Create Linked Group" checkbox in Group Properties when creating a new group and choosing an existing path containing macro files.  Any macro files that are already in the specified path will be displayed in the group.  If any macros are added to the folder at any time they will appear in the group.


You cannot delete linked macros or move linked macros to other groups (because they belong to someone else and would just appear again anyway).