Macro Scheduler 15




Displays a message box containing the text specified in message_text.  With this command the Message box is modal.  This means that the script will not continue until OK is pressed.  For non modal message boxes use Message.


To make a message box stay on top, set the variable MSG_STAYONTOP to 1.  Likewise, setting MSG_CENTERED to 1 will ensure that the message box is always shown centrally on the screen.


You can set/get the height and width of the message box using the variables MSG_HEIGHT and MSG_WIDTH.  Set the position of the message box using the variables MSG_XPOS and MSG_YPOS.


Abbreviation : MDL

See also: Message, Input, Ask




MessageModal>Hello World!


or with variables ..


Let>mymsg=Hello World!



To embed a variable within a string:



MessageModal>Hello %forename%