Macro Scheduler 15




Displays a message box containing the text specified in message_text.  In order that execution of the script can continue, these message boxes are not modal.  This means they can be used to display information even if the script is not being run interactively.  For modal message boxes, use MessageModal.


To make a message box stay on top, set the variable MSG_STAYONTOP to 1.  Likewise, setting MSG_CENTERED to 1 will ensure that the message box is always shown centrally on the screen.


You can set/get the height and width of the message box using the variables MSG_HEIGHT and MSG_WIDTH.  Set the position of the message box using the variables MSG_XPOS and MSG_YPOS.


Abbreviation : MSG

See also: MessageModal, Input, Ask




Message>Hello World!


or with variables ..


Let>mymsg=Hello World!



To force a new line in a message box, use the CRLF system variable :


Message>Hello World %CRLF% %CRLF%End Message.


This would display :


Hello World


End Message.


To make the message box stay on top (above all other windows) :



Message>Hello World