Macro Scheduler 15




[ [Else

 else statements]

Endif ]


If filename does not exist the first statements are executed.  Otherwise the else statements are executed.


When label names are provided execution jumps to the specified label if the file specified in filename does not exist. If a second false label is specified, execution will jump to that label if the expression resolves false (the file exists).  Subroutine names can also be specified.  When specifying a subroutine name execution will jump to that subroutine and return when the subroutine has completed.  If label names are specified Else and Endif are ignored and are unnecessary.



See also: IfFileExists, Label, Goto, IfWindowOpen, IfFileChanged, If, IfDirExists, Subroutines





  WriteLn>c:\myfolder\myfile.txt,wres,This is a New File