Macro Scheduler 15




Extracts text from the specified tag.


IE_Reference: The web browser instance to extract from. IE_Reference must be an identifier value returned by IECreate, IEGetFromURL or IEWaitNew.


Frame: the name of the frame to extract from


Tagname: the html name of the tag to extract from (e.g. 'TD', 'BODY', 'A', 'P', 'TABLE', etc)


Name_or_id: the name or id of the tag with tagname to extract from.


All: if set to 1 extract all html, otherwise just innertext, or value for input fields.


Result: the variable to return the text in


If the element is a checkbox and is checked ":CHECKED" will be appended to the result which will also contain the checkbox's value. i.e. result will contain "value:CHECKED".


See also: IE Functions





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