Macro Scheduler 15




GetCheckBox determines whether or not the given check box, or radio button, is checked.  result is set to 1 if checked, 0 if not checked, or -1 if the command failed to locate the given check box.   Specify the window title of the window containing the check box/radio button, and the object's caption.  The caption of a check box or radio button is the text appearing next to it.  The caption must be specified accurately with attention paid to case.  Where a letter is underlined indicating a shortcut key, enter the '&' character before it.


window_title can end with an asterisk to indicate a substring match.  WF_TYPE, WIN_USEHANDLE and WIN_REGEX directives are also accepted.  See SetFocus for a more detailed explanation of how the asterisk, WF_TYPE, WIN_USEHANDLE and WIN_REGEX can be used to define how the window is located.


Abbreviation : CBX

See also: SetCheckBox




GetCheckBox>Internet Explorer Prop*,Never dial a &connection,res


  MessageModal>The checkbox is checked!


  MessageModal>The checkbox is not checked!