Macro Scheduler 15




Not supported in Macro Scheduler Lite.


This command will connect to the specified FTP server and rename the host file specified with New_File_Name.


When the FTP commands are active a small floating window is displayed at the top left of the screen showing the status of the FTP session.  To stop the status window appearing set FTP_STATUS to 0 before issuing an FTP command.  Set it back to 1 to show the window.  The default value for FTP_STATUS is 1.


The result of the FTP operation is stored in FTP_RESULT.


If you are connecting via a proxy server, enter the name or IP address of the proxy server in 'Server', and for 'Username' specify [email protected]_server.


By default the timeout for the FTP commands is set to 15 seconds.  To change this set the FTP_TIMEOUT variable.


Abbreviation : FRF

See also FTPGetFile, FTPPutFile, FTPDelFile, FTPGetDirList


TLS/SSL Support


To use TLS/SSL you will first need to install the OpenSSL libraries.  See:


For TLS/SSL support set FTP_USETLS to one of the following values:



No TLS/SSL Support

Default - no encryption


Use Implicit TLS

You wish to use implicit TLS. In implicit TLS FTP, you connect to port 990, start TLS negotiation, and the entire session is encrypted. IETF has depreciated implicit TLS FTP so this setting should only be used with FTP servers that do not yet support explicit TLS.


Use Require TLS

You wish your session to use explicit TLS. In explicit TLS FTP, you connect to port 21 like the unencrypted version of FTP and encryption lasts until you disconnect. No attempt is made to continue the FTP session if TLS negotiation fails.


Use Explicit TLS

You wish your session to use explicit TLS if the FTP server supports it.


To set TLS version set TLS_VER to one of the following values:


1        TLS v1.0

11        TLS v1.1

12        TLS v1.2


If needed you can also specify the SSL certificate and key files to use using SSL_CERT, SSL_ROOT_CERT, SSL_KEY




FTPRenameFile>,anonymous,[email protected],21,/pub/readme.txt,/pub/