Macro Scheduler—Automation Software

“Advanced, Easy to Use, Windows Software Automation Tool”

Macro Scheduler Key Features

  • Macro Recorder. Simple Record and Playback mechanism that self-documents.
  • UI Automation Functions - Access and manipulate UI Elements & Window Objects
  • User simulation functions - send keyboard and mouse events
  • Human readable scripts
  • Code Wizards allow anyone to get started and speed up windows task automation
  • Native, built in code editor
  • Native, built in Debugger with full variable tracking and code stepping
  • Full featured built-in scheduler
  • Compile a script to an .EXE (executable program, give it to someone else to run who doesn't even have Macro Scheduler!) (Pro Version Only)
  • Custom Dialogs - Query any kind of data from the user.
    With WYSIWYG dialog builder.
  • AutoLogon Technology (Logs PC in if logged out/locked when script scheduled - Vista/Win7/2008Svr Only)
  • Event triggers
  • Microsoft VBScript built in
  • Run Python code!
  • Import 3rd party ActiveX/COM components, DLLs and access the Windows API
  • Loops, conditionals, logic (if-then-else), branching etc ...
  • Support for Image Recognition and Automation of Graphical Objects & Non-Standard UIs
  • Powerful new Screen Text Capture commands to scrape text from any application. Try.
  • Read/modify data from text, CSV, Excel files; access ODBC/ADO SQL data sources etc
  • All kinds of string handling functions, regular expressions, XML Parser, JSON Parser ...
  • Context sensitive and fully documented command reference.
  • Beginners guide to help almost anyone get started
  • The ability to run macros remotely and on web servers (Enterprise Only - see: msNet)
  • A proven history from big business to home automation
  • Free, fast and responsive support
  • Demonstrable value for money

All features above are included in Macro Scheduler Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Not all features are available in Macro Scheduler Lite. Compare Versions.


Microsoft came in and said there was no way to automate a particular problem. I downloaded Macro Scheduler and had a working fix in one day!
Ian Smith, UK
I used to work for a company that used Macro Scheduler, and I think it's just the best thing since peanut butter met jelly. I can't tell you how many hours it saved me there, and I'm finding it will do the same at my new job.


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