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Macro Scheduler Enterprise Pack

Workflow Automation - Click to View a Video Demo Macro Scheduler Enterprise Pack is an add-on for Macro Scheduler Pro which brings you additional tools for automating any process in the enterprise.

So on top of all the features in Macro Scheduler and script compiler you also get:

  • Includes MacroScript Workflow Designer: Model workflows and processes in flowchart form and attach code to make them run!
  • Includes a 5 Client License Pack: Install and run macros on client machines, assign them to hot keys, schedules, triggers (all the runtime features of Macro Scheduler Std). Additional packs available (Contact Us).
  • Includes the Macro Scheduler Remote Controller: Run macros on remote Macro Scheduler installations across the network and use the CGI module to enable web servers to run Macro Scheduler macros.
  • Includes WebRecorder: Simplify automation of web based tasks. Integrate web scripting with your automations. Automate web forms and data retrieval.
  • Optional 1 Year of Priority Support: Get priority phone/email support with guaranteed response times and 2 hours of desktop sharing support/training per month.
  • Multi-user license packs and volume licensing available.


WOW!!!! I am so happy, first with Macro Scheduler Pro, second with the company behind a product that is dedicated to customer service, and third that I have a free weekend to macro myself crazy!!! Thanx for the rapid response, I am already a proud owner of MSPro!!!
Garry L. Petzold, Petzold Consulting
Macro Scheduler is currently at the heart of a system I've written for automated retrieval of audio files and insertion into our digital automation system for play on Sirius Satellite Radio. It's responsible for the operation of over 5 of our channels and several other exciting new concepts I'm working on. Great Product!
Jeremy Savage, Sirius Satellite Radio, New York


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