A script to automate the collection of email with Microsoft

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A script to automate the collection of email with Microsoft

Post by Marcus Tettmar » Wed Jun 11, 1997 11:00 pm

Contributed By: Marcus Tettmar [email protected]
Submitted On: 12/06/97

WaitWindowOpen>C:\WINDOWS\Internet Mail
Press ALT
Send Character/Text>M
Release ALT
Send Character/Text>s
Press Enter
WaitWindowOpen>Connected to Connection-Name
Press ALT
Send Character/Text>F
Release ALT
Send Character/Text>c
IfWindowOpen>C:\WINDOWS\Internet Mail,TryToCloseDown
Press Enter

Replace Connection-Name with the name of your DUN connection,
making sure the case matches perfectly. If you have to enter a password
to connect, just add a line to do this before the first Press Enter line. This
script starts Internet Mail, receives and sends mail and then exits Internet
Mail when it has finished.

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