Run DOS batch files and DOS commands.

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Run DOS batch files and DOS commands.

Post by Marcus Tettmar » Thu May 15, 1997 11:00 pm

Contributed By: Marcus Tettmar [email protected]
Submitted On: 16/05/97

If you need to copy, move or delete files etc, an easy way is to create a
DOS batch file and then use Run Program>batchfile.bat in your script.

Alternatively you can even send commands straight to a DOS box, like

Run Program>
SetFocus>MS-DOS Prompt
Send Character/Text>COPY FILE.A FILE.B

Even easier, why not use an existing operating system trick like this:

Run Program> /c copy file.a file.b

The /c parameter allows a dos command to be run in its own shell.

You could run any DOS command like this !

NB: With version 4.0 you can do the above example using the CopyFile command !

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