How to Block keyboard and mouse open to fill up a form.

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How to Block keyboard and mouse open to fill up a form.

Post by zealotz » Mon Feb 15, 2021 8:04 pm

hello new problem :)
I start to ran the computer with Block 1 open it with a limited time of 50 seconds by block 0 wait 50 and block 1
then let my customer write there user account names and give them 50 seconds to do so.
1. problem: I want them to click enter when there done writing there name with a delay of 5 secods

ex. I type my name and ended up to 20 seconds, I do not want to wait 30 seconds more to continue
i will tap ENTER to stop timer and just deley it to 5 seconds.




2. Second problem
I want my customer to tap a F1 to access my pc and ready the form to be fill up.
there are 2 ways to open this form. single tap no guide, double tap rans with guide first then open the form.

a. Single tap on F1, means open the from and let them fill up the form

b. Double tap on F1, means it will ran a executable video guide on how to fell up the form. and
open the form to be fill up. this is meant for first timers.

thanks once again

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Re: How to Block keyboard and mouse open to fill up a form.

Post by Dorian (MJT support) » Tue Feb 16, 2021 11:48 am

Problem 1.
If I am understanding correctly, you can accomplish this with the timeout setting for Input.

From help : It is possible to set a timeout by setting the value of INPUT_TIMEOUT before issuing the Input command. INPUT_TIMEOUT takes a number of milliseconds. If the Input box is still active after the timeout has elapsed it will be closed and the result set to an empty string.

I'm not sure if you need to block input or not, but you are the best judge of that.

Code: Select all

MDL>Your name is %YourName%
Problem 2 (Can we have different questions on different threads please, to help others?)
You can detect key presses with OnEvent. I've used F2 below as F1 open Macro Scheduler help. OnEvent can monitor modifier keys, but not double-taps. This script performs different actions based on F2 or Shift F2 being pressed. You can adapt as required.

Code: Select all


  MDL>F2 was pressed


  MDL>Shift F2 was pressed
I have included links to the documentation for these commands. It is well worth reading these so you learn as you go.
Yes, we have a Custom Scripting Service. Message me or go here

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