Windows 10 oem

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Windows 10 oem

Post by PepsiHog » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:07 pm


I am wondering what everyone, who so-called loves Windows 10, is running. Windows 10 Update version or Windows 10 oem version that comes with a computer?

I bought my laptop with Win 10 oem installed. It has constant errors. If a usb hdd goes to sleep and you try to copy or move a file Win 10 says it is hardware failure and ask if you want to retry. I can't think of the other issues right now, but there are a S#@t ton of errors.

I don't believe the update version has all these errors because you are actually using a modified Windows (insert number) not the actual Windows 10. Which I believe is why some are claiming to love Windows 10.

I would love Windows 10 if not for all there irritating errors.

So what's the scoop for you? Do you love or hate Windows 10? Do you experience a lot of annoying errors? Update or OEM?

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