License Violation Access - Aborting

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License Violation Access - Aborting

Post by kittykitty » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:34 am

Hi All

I have been using Macroscheduler for the past 3 months through a single license on both my laptop and desktop (home).
But just today, I received an error message "License Violation Access - Aborting" and it stopped my MacroScheduler from working.
Is it not ok for me to install it on both of my machines? For convenience because I travel a lot and it would be better for me to have it on both machines and wouldn't make sense for me to purchase 2 licenses in this case isn't it?

Appreciate your advise and if any moderator could unfreeze my account, that'd be awesome!!
The account that I registered with is [email protected]

Many many thanks!!

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Re: License Violation Access - Aborting

Post by CyberCitizen » Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:05 pm

Send support an email, Marcus or Dorian should be able to fix that up, had a similar thing.

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Re: License Violation Access - Aborting

Post by Marcus Tettmar » Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:23 pm

The reason for this is that your order was disputed by the card holder. An order placed by [email protected] was reversed by the bank and marked as fruadulent. Obviously as a license is in use we are out of pocket but more than that when we get a chargeback we also get charged a chargeback fee. Naturally given that we were told this was fraud by the card holder's bank we put your account on hold which is probably the cause of the license violation message. Effectively your license code is now stolen. Perhaps all this was in error and you didn't recognise the transaction and wrongly disputed it rather than ask us first. If you need the software you will now have to purchase it again, but we'll still be £15 worse off due to the bank's fees.

We are seeing more and more fraud, which is one thing, but we are also seeing more cases of people buying software in good faith with their own card and then just reversing the transaction with their bank, hoping that they can still use the software. This is theft pure and simple. I hope that is not the case here.
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