Do you shutdown at night?

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Do you shutdown at night?

Post by Marcus Tettmar » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:11 pm

Interesting article about the pros and cons of shutting down your PC at night: ... l-the-time

However it doesn't talk about backups, system updates and other unattended processes that if not done over night can interfere with your own use.

I leave my desktop on at night when it does backups, system updates and other automated routines.

What about you?
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Post by JRL » Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:29 pm

Keep them all on all the time.

Most of the arguments mentioned in the article deal with cost savings on a home computer. When you're at work and you consider an employee's billable time, you'd have to save a couple of dollars of electricity every night to make up for the time lost by individuals shutting down, restarting and re-enabling all their applications. According to the info on the site a computer and LCD monitor will consume about 100 watts in an hour. If you pay $0.10 per kilowatt/hour that would be about $0.24 (24 cents) to run your computer for 24 hours. So an employee has to be worth less than $14.40 per hour (24 cents times one minute) to make up for an entire 24 hour period of wasted electricity to pay for only one minute of wasted time waiting for their computer to boot up.

Check my math... could be wrong.

Also turning the computer on and off causes soldered components to expand and contract as they heat up or cool down. For this reason I've always believed turning the computer off every night shortens the life of the computer.

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Post by Me_again » Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:56 am

Home PC's, all win 7, I leave them on, but allow them to sleep. I have found that win 7 will reliably sleep and wake many times without performance degradation (in contrast to my experience with XP).

I only allow anti-virus (I use ESET and MSE) to update automatically, I want control of everything else.

Work PC's, I agree 100% with Dick. I've worked in a "turn 'em off" environment and lost up to half an hour for the whole department each morning while the PC's fought with > 1,000 others to boot off the network - insanity.

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