MJT Custom Script Building services (worldwide).

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MJT Custom Script Building services (worldwide).

Post by Dorian (MJT support) » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:14 am

We're often asked if MJT offers a script creation service, and the answer is - yes!

A trusted source.
We've written scripts for Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, Medical Institutions, Universities, and Manufacturers - to name but a few.

Unparalleled Experience.
Marcus and Dorian have 43 years of automation experience between them (as of 2019 - 22 yrs for Marcus, 21 for Dorian). RPA is nothing new to us - we've been automating for over two decades already!

Worldwide Service.
Every week we write scripts for customers all over the world. We don't need to physically touch the target PC.

Learn on the fly.
Our scripts are fully commented, so you can see what each part of the script does. This is a valuable way of discovering our techniques and how we harness the power of Macro Scheduler - many of our customers use MJT custom scripts as a template for their own future projects.

Free Estimates.
Simply send us a brief outline document showing screenshots and listing the actions you need to take, or even better, a screencast. If we need more information, we'll ask.

Contact us
More details here

What is the cost?
Our current billing rate is $95/hr

How long do scripts take?
This depends on the task at hand. Sometimes as little as 1 hour. An average Excel > Data Entry to Web or Application generally takes 3-5 hours depending on complexity.

When can you start?
Generally within a day or two. We will happily work to deadlines wherever possible.

What kind of tasks can you automate?
Almost anything, but our most common requests are :
  • Data entry (e.g Excel/CSV/Textfile to web / application)
  • Data Extraction (Web Scraping, Web table extraction, extracting data from PDFs, etc)
  • Data Shaping
  • Automation of frequent repetitive tasks
Will I need Macro Scheduler installed?
Yes, we only offer this service to current Macro Scheduler users.
Yes, we have a Custom Scripting Service. Message me or go here

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