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Array Questions

Post by tjorgens » Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:21 am

I am attempting to scrape some information off of a webpage. I have two loops going where the outer loop is the number of products on a page and the inner loop is the price for different models of the product. I do not know how many products a particular page will contain or how many different versions of a product will be available.

In order to capture the information that I want, I have created several arrays for manipulation of the data. I created some of these with the ArrayDim function, but other arrays were created by Macro Scheduler when I used the IEGetTagsByAttrib function. At times I would like to delete an array to allow Marco Scheduler to reuse an array name as it loops through the script.

I have three (3) questions for today that should get me started. Thanks in advance for the help.

1. What is the difference between the DelArray and ArrayDel functions?

2. I can delete an array that I declared using the ArrayDim function, but I cannot delete arrays that were created as the result of the IEGetTagsByAttrib function? Is there a special method to delete these system created arrays that were not declared by the user? I would like to clear the values of the array in order to prevent any possible data contamination of the output records that I will be writing to a text file.

3. How can I delete an array name that contains a variable in the name, i.e. tempPriceArray%n%, where n is the number of times the script has progressed through a loop?
Troy Jorgens
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