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January 3rd, 2008 by Marcus Tettmar

In this post I discussed the Text Capture commands and explained what kind of text can be captured.

To try out the text capture functionality launch the latest version of Macro Scheduler. Click New to create a new script and then in the Code Builder locate the “Text Capture Wizard”. Point the mouse at some text while holding the Shift key down.

You can see a video of this in action here.

This Wizard will let you determine whether or not the text you want to capture can be captured with the Text Capture commands. If it is not revealed when you move the mouse over it while holding Shift down then it must not be generated by Windows text out functions. See my previous post for an explanation.

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2 Responses to “Screen Scrape Text Capture Example”

  1. ravi says:

    is there any scraping text from image file for select area

  2. The only way to scrape text from an image file would be OCR. Text in an image file is not text as far as windows is concerned. It is just a bunch of pixels. So the only way to convert it to ascii text that a computer can understand is some kind of OCR. Two methods of doing this are described here:

    And here:

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