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November 28th, 2006 by Marcus Tettmar

But only if you’re in the USA. If you are, you might want to check this out: According to this you just have to watch three webcasts on each product within 30 days of registering and Microsoft will send you Vista Business and Office 2007 Pro, for free!

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3 Responses to “Free Copies of Vista and Office 2007!”

  1. me_again says:

    There are a number of reports that this is a phishing scheme. Does this domain information inspire confidence? I didn’t post it but the contact email is @gmail.

    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2006-10-03
    Registration Date…. 2006-10-03
    Expiry Date………. 2007-10-03
    Organisation Name…. Philip Colebrook
    Organisation Address. Flat 13, Inner City House
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. London
    Organisation Address. SE14 6QP
    Organisation Address. -
    Organisation Address. GREAT BRITAIN (UK)

  2. According to Robert McLaws it IS legit. See here. Also a Microsoft employee confirmed it here. As for the domain registration Robert says:

    “The site is hosted for Microsoft by a third party in the UK. The reason you need your SSN to register is because Microsoft has to claim any gift over $600 in taxes, and so do you. It’s taxable income. Again, it is a legitimate site, a Microsoft employee passed it along to me.”

    So it does appear to be genuine, but, quite understandably, a lot of people have been suspicious of this due to the non-Microsoft domain.

  3. me_again says:

    I’m sure you are right. Weird though…

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