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Macro Scheduler 14 Is Here!

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by Marcus Tettmar

After many months of development we are pleased to announce that Macro Scheduler 14 is now available.

There are lots of new improvements in this version and the full change list can be found here.

But here’s a summary of the main new features:

Improved Tolerant Portable Image Recognition Engine

This uses a clever pattern matching technology which means that rather than compare pixels exactly it can determine the similarity of images and, within a specified tolerance, determine the best match on the screen. What this means is that it will cope with subtle changes, e.g. between operating systems and program versions and between alterations to display settings.

Antonius made a great video of the image recognition features. Watch it here.

We’ve even tested finding a Save toolbar button on a modern UI where the capture was taken from an older style button on XP and was a different colour. The image matching technology was able to match the shape of the floppy disk on the button.

Improved Image Recognition Wizard And Easier Handling of Bitmaps

Alongside the image recognition engine we’ve overhauled the wizard so that you no longer have to give names to captures. The wizard creates a special folder named after the macro name where it keeps the images. Comments in the editor for each piece of code produced by the wizard show a thumbnail of the needle image so that you know exactly what each piece of code is looking for. There’s also an image explorer so that you can find sections of code based on needle images. And finally, when you compile your script the image folder is copied over to the .exe location making it easier to know what to distribute.

Native WebRecorder – Included

WebRecorder is now part of the core product. All the IE_ functions that were previously provided by the IEAuto import library are now regular native commands. This makes them easier to use (no need to set buffer lengths etc) and of course it also means that the documentation is all in the same place, and the new functions are included in the command locator with code builders.

WebRecorder is now included with Macro Scheduler Standard and Pro.

New Scheduler Features

We’ve added to the existing scheduling options the ability to specify any number of specific dates and times.

You can also set a macro to run on the 1st Monday of the month, or 3rd Wednesday of the month and so on. I call this the “nth nday of the month” option.

Previously to schedule on this basis you would have had to add some script code to determine if the date matches and set the script to schedule every day (or every Monday for example). Now you have finer control and it means less code.

New Native Zip Functions

Create zip files, add to zip files and extract from zip files. Simple.

New Hashing and AES Encryption

Create MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hashes and encrypt decrypt with AES.

New Online Manual

I’m already very proud of our help system and now it’s even better. We’ve done a lot of work to the manual and created a completely new online help system with comments.

The new online manual contains the exact same content as the help file that ships with the software [don't worry - that is still there] but allows for extra dynamic content such as comments, questions and answers, tips and more examples.

Each page in the regular help file includes a link to the online version so that you can find more information or ask questions, or even provide your own tips.

Check out the new online manual here:

And More …

  • IfNot functions (reverse of existing If.. functions)
  • New Script/Settings Backup Features
  • More Code Explorers
  • Modify variables during debug
  • Faster, improved macro search
  • New custom dialog grid control

See the complete change list here.

Downloads and Upgrades

Log into your account to view downloads/upgrades.

Those of you with current maintenance will already see v14 download links in your download account.

Anyone who purchased Macro Scheduler since 1st December 2012 have also been automatically upgraded to v14.

If you do not have maintenance and wish to upgrade you will find upgrade prices and links in your account.

Old Upgrade Pricing Maintained Until Feb 28th 2013

Our new license pricing has been increased. But for now we are keeping upgrade pricing at their old levels until February 28th. After that they will go up in line with the new license increases. So if you need to upgrade, do it before the end of February.

Maintenance Changes

We are moving to a 12 month maintenance package which includes all updates. The first year is included with new licenses and upgrades. When the maintenance period expires you can choose to renew for a further year.

Note: Existing maintenance plans will be honoured and will still run until the end of their period – if you already have maintenance then nothing has changed.

New Licenses

To purchase new licenses or for current pricing please go here.

Macro Scheduler Pricing Change – Beat It

Thursday, January 24th, 2013 by Marcus Tettmar

Just a heads-up that when version 14 is released our prices for new licenses will be going up.

BUT, those who buy, or have bought, Macro Scheduler within one month of v14 being released, will get v14 at no extra cost.

Therefore, if you are considering purchasing Macro Scheduler now, or thinking of getting additional licenses for your company, you might want to buy NOW to beat the price increase.

There is no need to wait until v14 is out. You’ll save money if you buy v13 now.

We will be keeping upgrade prices low for a while. So existing users will be able to benefit from the current upgrade prices.

Of course if you have maintenance you won’t need to do anything.

Powerful, Tolerant, Portable Image Recognition Coming Soon

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 by Marcus Tettmar

Macro Scheduler 14 is right round the corner and with it comes a super new Image Recognition engine with a pattern matching algorithm which can cope with changes and differences in target images. This makes it more portable across different display settings and operating system versions.

To whet your appetite here’s a video from Antonius Momac demonstrating the power of the new image recognition engine in Macro Scheduler 14:

Macro Scheduler 14 is due out very soon. Stay tuned for more news.

Happy New Year

Monday, January 7th, 2013 by Marcus Tettmar

2013 – the first year since 1987 to have four different digits in the name.  There’s a useless bit of info for you.

It is also our 16th year in business.  16 years of Macro Scheduler!  Still going strong.

I say it every year but I’ll say it again: We wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for all you guys who continue to use Macro Scheduler, support us by purchasing licenses and upgrades, tell your friends and colleagues and send us encouraging feedback.  Thank you all!

Anyway it feels like it has been a long “holiday” here in the UK.  Schools went back today so it finally feels like things have returned to their usual routine.

And now we’re back, development work continues on Macro Scheduler and I should have some more news for you later in the month.

Take care.

Play A Puzzle Game Created with Macro Scheduler

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 by Marcus Tettmar

Forum regular, JRL, has created a little graphical puzzle game using nothing but Macro Scheduler.

Check it out here.  Very impressive.

Usually Macro Scheduler is saving businesses time and cutting their costs.  Sometimes however, it’s ok to have a little fun.  Especially at Christmas! :-)

And speaking of puzzles, there are still 5 prizes up for grabs for the crossword.  See below.

Macro Scheduler Crossword

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by Marcus Tettmar

For a bit of fun this holiday try out our cryptic crossword.  Solve the clues to find Macro Scheduler functions and names of some of our regular forum users.

There are 10 MJT Gearhead mugs up for grabs for the first 10 correct entries.

If you get stuck keep an eye on our Facebook page for clues.

You can either print this out to work from or click on the puzzle for a flash version. Either way make sure you send your answers to

I hope you enjoy solving this as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Macro Scheduler 13.2.2 Available

Monday, October 29th, 2012 by Marcus Tettmar

Macro Scheduler 13.2.2 Update is now available with the following changes:

  • Fixed: ReadFile errors not being trapped correctly
  • Fixed: If a macro is being edited and its schedule fires, a file lock error occurs, macro should not be run by scheduler if being edited
  • Fixed: IEGetTagsByAttrib not setting correct array index
  • Added: IEWait function

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Video Tutorials on YouTube

Thursday, September 27th, 2012 by Marcus Tettmar

We recently had some problems with the service we were using to host our video tutorials ( Since most of them were also on YouTube we have therefore updated our YouTube channel to include all the videos and have modified our site so that the videos are now served from YouTube.

My only worry is that some companies may block YouTube, although I was also aware that some organizations also blocked divshare. So I guess you can’t win. If you are accessing our site from behind a company firewall and can’t view our videos drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

The Macro Scheduler Water Cooler

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 by Marcus Tettmar

The Macro Scheduler Water Cooler

We now have our very own Water Cooler over in the forums. Come and say hello.

Macro Scheduler 13.2 Available

Monday, September 17th, 2012 by Marcus Tettmar

Macro Scheduler 13.2 Update is now available with the following changes:

  • Added: IEGetTagsByAttrib function
  • Added: IETagEventByAttrib function
  • Added: SSL Support to RetrievePOP3
  • Added: SSL Support to SMTPSendMail
  • Added: HTTP_CHARSET variable to override charset decoding (e.g. for XML)
  • Added: HTTP_USERAGENT variable to set user agent to string of choice
  • Fixed: Suppress unnecessary ftp errors on ftp disconnect …
  • Fixed: GetWindowChildList code builder not working
  • Fixed: TELNETSESSION_LOG, WIN_SLEEP not syntax highlighting

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